About Us

Create to Inspire is a School of Success, Advancement and realization. It is a consulting agency and educational centre that works with newcomers to Canada to help them to integrate to Canadian society, learn Canadian ways and mentality, find their place and begin to realize their gifts and talents to become successful in Canada.

In the last year, Create to Inspire School has been working with Ukrainian newcomers offering lectures, meetings, trainings, workshops to advance them in their realization in Canada.

Create to Inspire School is organizing a fundraising event to help young Ukrainians to further their education here in Canada. On Friday, July 28, the first fundraising event will take place at Algonquin College.

The event will bring together Ukrainian Canadians, Canadians and newly arrived Ukrainians. An event of networking, communication, fundraising, and entertainment.

At Create To Inspire

Focus on inspiration, motivation and self-realization

Because we believe that knowledge is the key.
Knowing yourself, being aware of your strength, gifts and talents, applying the right methods and strategies to unlock your potential, will empower and enrich your life.


Every week you participate in practical workshops where you learn problem solving, creative thinking, and goal setting.


At the events, you meet other people who have recently arrived to Canada, and people who have lived in Canada longer, to exchange information, network and build professional relationships.

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